About AED Nordic

Mission - saving lives:

AED Nordic's mission is saving lives, as effectively and safely as possible, by making NIHON KOHDEN high quality, fast and simple to use defibrillators available throughout the Nordic region, at a competitive price.  


Although our defibrillators are easy to use for even lay people, our strategy is to distribute the defibrillators through first aid instructor networks, who can equip users with a profound understanding of how to use first aid, including CPR, together with the defibrillator, - saving lives.  

As the official Nordic NIHON KOHDEN agent, we cover Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland.​

AED Nordic is part of the ANSNI Group.

About ANSNI Group:

ANSNI group consists of five companies. The united mission is to improve safety. ANSNI was established in 2006, and is based in the Faroe Islands. The group consists of the following companies:

- CURA (holding company)

- ANSNI Security (Guarding of people and facilities).

- ANSNI Technologies (Security technology)

- ANSNI Emergency Response (Provides instruction in first aid courses (in the Faroes), defibrillation and other safety courses. Sales of AEDs)

- ANSNI Nordic/AED Nordic (Agent of the NIHON KOHDEN Defibrillators in the Nordic region).

You can find more information about the ANSNI Group here.



NIHON KOHDEN is a Japanese company founded in 1951. The company mission is to improve the quality of life with advanced technology.
As a leading manufacturer of medical electronic equipment, Nihon Kohden provides a number of state of the art medical electronic equipment for clinical practice in the world.

You can find futher information about NIHON KOHDEN here.